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Inspection: An inspection is done on a yearly (annual) basis.

6 Year Maintenance: A 6 year maintenance is done when the extinguisher is 6 years old. This is done to internally check the interior of the cylinder.

Hydro Test: A hydro test is done when the extinguisher is 12 years old. This is a pressure test on the cylinder required in 12 year intervals as a safety test to make sure no damage has occurred to the cylinder throughout the last 12 year period.

ABC Fire Extinguishers:
1st-5th Years - Inspection Only
6th Years - 6 Year Maintenance Only
7th-11th Year - Inspection Only
12th Year - Hydro Test Required

Recharge - Required any time the extinguisher is discharged. (No matter how old the extinguisher is).

NFPA 10 - 4.4 Obsolete Fire Extinguishers:
4.4.1 - Dry chemical stored pressure extinguishers manufactured prior to October 1984 shall be removed from service at the next 6 year maintenance interval or the next hydro test interval, whichever comes first.

Kidde Recalls - Kidde 10 lb. Dry Chemical Fire Extinguisher with Black Zytel Nylon Valves and Steel Cylinders:
Issued July 15, 2004 Kidde has determined that the thread area on certain black Zytel nylon valve assemblies installed into welded steel cylinders can be subject to various levels of degradation under certain conditions over time resulting in the black Zytel nylon valve assembly spontaneously separating from the steel cylinder during handling, inspection, or maintenance.

Identification of Applicable Fire Extinguisher Models:
All Kidde 10 lb. dry chemical fire extinguisher models that utilize a black Zytel nylon valve assembly and a welded steel neck collar cylinder and which were manufactured between 1991 and 2000 are covered by this bulletin.

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